Josh and Casey Holly with their children: Rylie, Mason, Samuel, Monique, Tessa, and Melvin

Josh and Casey Holly with their children: Rylie, Mason, Samuel, Monique, Tessa, and Melvin

Our Story

We are the Holly family. Our foster care journey started in June 2013 when we submitted our application to license our home for foster-to-adopt.  We were not prepared for God to break our hearts for children living in foster care the way he did when we began this chapter of our lives. What started out as a selfish journey to grow our family through adoption, quickly evolved into a passion to advocate for children experiencing the worst days of their lives. 

In October 2013, our first placements, Mason and Samuel, came barreling into our lives and turned it totally upside down. Rylie, our oldest daughter, was only three. Mason was two, and Samuel was a brand new 36 hour old baby. Just ten short months later, God broke our hearts again, and we opened our home for another child. In August 2014, Tessa, our little firecracker, came exploding in at just three weeks old, making us a family of 6. After finalizing the adoption of Mason and Tessa, we reopened our home in January 2016. That's when we met our son, Melvin. In March 2017, our daughter Monique joined our family at three years old. We had some goodbyes along the way, but after finalizing the adoptions of our children, our foster care license was officially closed.

During our time as a foster family, we had eight children placed with us. Of those eight kids, only one has come with more than a handful of items. Between seven of them, they owned less than a diaper box full of items to call their own. While transitioning our family to accommodate all the needs of new children joining our lives, keeping up with appointments, visitation, and helping new children feel secure in a stranger's home, we were also responsible for taking trips to stores to purchase all the material items these children needed, like clothing, shoes, toys, cribs, beds, carseats, and anything else that child might need.

Knowing that our family couldn't open our home to every child living in foster care in Texas, we began praying about other ways we could impact the lives of these children. Thus, The Isaiah Closet was born. Our mission is to provide children living in foster care and their foster families with the material items needed so they can focus on making these children feel safe and secure during the hardest days of their lives. We provide each child we serve with one week of clothing, shoes, a duffle bag, age-appropriate toys, and hygiene products. When available, we provide families with beds and carseats for their foster children. 

We are currently serving Texas foster families and families involved with CPS living in the counties of Fannin, Grayson, and northern Collin.